Sailing Lessons


Join us to really learn how to sail, operate, dock, or live on a sailboat! Beginners will spend time sailing our 26’ sailboat to learn the basics, then will advance to our 30′ and then to our 45′ sailboats. We operate out of River Dunes in Oriental, NC (June through August), Miami /Florida Keys (November through April), Cruise the Intracoastal Waterway from North Carolina to Florida (October) and Florida to North Carolina (May) where we teach advanced sailing courses with inland and offshore experiences.

Group Classes  ●  Private / Family Classes  ●  Couples Cruising Classes  ●  Womens’ Classes  ●  Advanced Classes

We believe American Sailing Association certifications are important because they provide a structured course syllabus put together thorough consensus by a team of some of the worlds top sailors and instructors. Depending on your previous experience, the following course certifications can be earned on your trip. More information about each course can be found on our ASA course description page. Students should expect 2 to 3 days per ASA course, we will work at your pace to ensure a through understanding of the material.

You will have lots of time at the helm working to navigate, sail, and become comfortable docking the boat. Our captains create a fun, relaxed, and easy-going environment where ‘no yelling’ is allowed.

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